Dynamic Safety Nets: Announcing Trailing Stop-Loss for Crypto

How a Trailing Stop-Loss Order Works

Regular stop-loss orders stay in one place: if you set a stop-loss order for BTC at $8,500 on SFOX, that order will just sit open and wait to see if the average marketwide price of BTC drops to $8500-and, if it does, it will execute a market sell order.

How to Set a Trailing Stop-Loss Order on SFOX

To set a trailing stop-loss crypto order from your SFOX account, simply select the asset pair for which you want to place the order, toggle the order interface to “Sell” and “Advanced,” then select “Trailing Stop” from the algorithm dropdown menu.

Better Tools, Better Crypto Risk Management

Professional traders take tools like trailing stop-loss orders to be table stakes for serious trading; no matter the strategy, a trader can be severely hampered without the ability to adequately manage portfolio risk.



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