Find and Capture All Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities with One Account — SFOX

  • You need to identify the opportunity in this first place. With dozens of leading crypto trading venues and different BTC trading pairs, it’s virtually impossible to recognize significant arbitrage opportunities between them unless you have a robust, automated system for watching and comparing their order books in real-time.
  • You need to be able to act on the opportunity in a timely manner. The above bitcoin arbitrage opportunity was only available for one minute. If you try to manually capture these arbitrage opportunities by moving your own funds directly onto the relevant exchanges when the arbitrage opportunity arises, chances are good that it’ll be long gone by the time you get your funds into position — not to mention that the fees you may incur by moving money onto and off of those exchanges could eat significantly into any arbitrage opportunity you’re trying to capture. And on top of all that, some crypto exchanges are hard to access in certain regions of the world, making it hard for traders to get funds there in the first place. (For example, Bitflyer is hard to access in the U.S., which is actually one of the reasons for some of the arbitrage opportunities that arise between it and other platforms.)
  • Because SFOX’s trading platform is plugged into all major bitcoin trading venues, we monitor all of their order books and compare their tick data in real-time. That allows us to constantly compare their top-of-book prices for BTC and other cryptocurrencies — and notify you whenever an arbitrage opportunity arises.
  • SFOX stores and balances its own funds on all major crypto venues in order to allow you, our traders, to trade on all of these venues directly from your SFOX account without needing to worry about moving your own funds between exchanges (not to mention the fact that you don’t have to trust a wide range of exchanges with responsible storage of your funds). That means that, as long as you have funds in your SFOX account, you can capture any Bitcoin arbitrage opportunity simply by buying and then selling BTC on SFOX, or vice versa — even if those opportunities are on exchanges you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access easily (such as Bitflyer).
  1. Open and fund an SFOX trading account.
  2. Follow the SFOX Bitcoin arbitrage tracking system on Twitter, Telegram, Stocktwits, or Discord, turning notifications on. Make sure you’re still logged into your SFOX account.
  3. Whenever you’re notified of an arbitrage opportunity, just click the link in the notification to go directly to the appropriate order book on the SFOX trading platform, allowing you to trade on the arbitrage in a matter of seconds.



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